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eBooks and Digital Reading

How to Access MackinVia for our eBook Library  

  1. Go to

  2. Select the name of your school

  3. 3rd-5th,

    1. Enter your network login username provided at school (Lunch Number)

    2. Enter your network login Password

  4. K-2

    1. Enter the Username: glacier

    2. Enter the Password:  peak

  1. Search by "Groups" (grade level)

  2. Search by "Category"

  3. Click "open now" green button on the right and begin reading.  

How to access Folletshelf our other catalog of ebooks  

Welcome To The Folletshelf For Ebooks.

To Login, Click On The Link Here

  1. Select Login login.pngto the top right of the screen

  2. 3rd-5th Enter your network login provided at school (same as google apps login)

  1. k-2 Enter generic username: glacier

  2. Enter Password:  peak  

  3. Select a book, open it and start reading!

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