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How to Drive the Loop

If you are new to Glacier Peak, this is information you need. If you are not new to Glacier Peak, you will agree that everyone should have this information . Parking at Glacier Peak can be frustrating because we have limited spaces and approximately 500 students. On the north side of the school there is a traffic loop where families can pick up students. If you choose to use the loop, please remember the following: 

  • You may not park in the loop. It is for drive-through traffic only.
  • When picking up your child, you need to keep driving through the loop and back onto Jasmine Street until you see your child/ren waiting.
  • In order to keep traffic moving, when you see your child/ren, pull up as far as your can and stop next to the sidewalk.
  • For safety of all children, they must be picked up from the sidewalk, not the middle of the loop.
  • There is an area marked off with cones, please do not pull over into this area.
  • If you have someone picking up your child (grandparents, babysitters, etc.) tell them how to drive the loop. They will often try to park there and leave their cars unattended.

Remember, the school staff members assigned to the loop are there for your child’s protection, not to make driving the loop more frustrating for you. Thank you for your patience and cooperation!