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In Service of Others

At Glacier Peak, we recognize kindness and "pay it forward."  Our class has been especially inspired by the small things we can do to make a big difference for others.  

We were inspired by a story we heard about kids who slipped little positive notes into library books for random library patrons to find.  We decided to do the same for a classroom at Glacier Peak.  Mrs. Bean's class was so surprised to find that "someone" had come into their classroom and slipped notes into their books.  Our class got a kick out of knowing we put smiles on the third graders' faces!   

We have been studying how service to others can make a big difference.  The question "Now that you KNOW, what can you DO?" is the way that we think about everything we read about.  Another way that we made a difference was by making cards to put into holiday care packages for soldiers deployed overseas:

STAY TUNED!  Our fourth graders have a little something up their sleeves -- another act of kindness that will help a whole lot of people!  Can you guess what it is?

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