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Fourth Grade Science Units

  • Structures and Functions of Organisms: A study of the internal and external structures and functions that support survival, growth, behavior, and reproduction in plants and animals.
  • Waves and Energy: A study of relationships between the speed and energy of objects and the transfer of energy from place to place through light, sound, and electricity.
  • Waves and Communication: A study of patterns and characteristics of waves, and that waves can cause objects to move in addition to means of communication.
  • Changing Earth: A study of the effects of weathering and erosion on Earth and how to reduce the natural impacts on humans. 

Science Video Links:

Living Systems:

Photosynthesis Experiment

Respiratory System


Build a Roller Coaster

Amusement Park Physics

Snap Circuits Prezi


The Motion in the Ocean: Waves

Changing Earth: 

Earthquake Animation/Info.

Bridge Building