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Welcome to the Glacier Peak Specials Page!  We're glad you're here!

Specials Classrooms

Ms. Culig's Class

Subject: Music
Welcome to GPE Music Class where we try to develop our passion for music. We sing, move, and play to express ourselves. Using our bodies and various musical instruments, we enjoy producing  expressive and meaningful sounds, and creating some...

Mr. Hood's Class

Subject: Physical Education
Hello Glacier Peak Friends!  This is where we learn to move, play games, work as a team, and have fun! Please look through this website to learn more about the physical education program at our school! 

Mrs. King's Art Room

Subject: Art
Hello GPE Friends! Welcome back! The Glacier Peak Artists are hard at work! The art room can always make use of the following things: Color Sharpie packs Alphabet Beads Scrapbook Paper  The ART ROOM services the entire school...