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Miss Partner's Classroom

General Education

Welcome to Miss Partner's First Grade Class! Our class website will be used as a resource in guiding our remote learning! Please check regularly for class updates and assignments!

Document(s)SizeUpload Date
PDF icon Armer - How To Post in SeeSaw_0.pdf7.46 MB04/01/2020
PDF icon Copy of Week 4 Learning Board.pdf838.91 KB04/22/2020
PDF icon Week 1 Learning (bigger).pdf255.35 KB04/01/2020
PDF icon Week 5 Learning Board.pdf448.43 KB04/27/2020
PDF icon Week 6 Learning Board.pdf509.24 KB05/03/2020
PDF icon Week 7 Learning Board.pdf509.22 KB05/11/2020
PDF icon Week 8 Learning Board.pdf1.25 MB05/17/2020

Latest News

1st Grade

Posted: 04/26/2020
On this page, you will find links to videos showing:  How to post on Seesaw How to log into the Everyday Math Student Portal