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Grading & Report Cards

Students are assigned a standards-based grade each semester in physical education (rating 1-4).  There are four categories in which students are assessed. They are as follows:

1.) Movement Competence & Understanding - this category includes nonlocomotor, locomotor, and manipulative skills.

2.) Physical & Personal Wellness - this category includes activity, fitness, and health-enhancing behaviors.

3.) Emotional & Social Wellness - this category includes teamwork, etiquette, and conflict resolution.

4.) Prevention & Risk Management - this category includes following saftey rules and preventing injuries. 

You will see a list of the standards on page 9 in your child's report card. Additionally, you can find those standards in the attachment listed below. 

Document(s)SizeUpload Date
PDF icon Elementary Physical Education Reports Cards.pdf2.3 MB07/31/2018