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Remote Learning

Tips for remote learning, info about supply lists, device distribution and more

Daily Schedules (M, T, Th, F)
The majority of remote learning this year will be teacher-led (synchronous) and follow a common schedule. 

Wednesday Schedule
Wednesday will be used to provide more targeted support for students at all levels to supplement the synchronous remote learning on other days. On Wednesday mornings:

  • Students at all levels will engage in asynchronous (on-demand/independent work) learning posted by teachers. 

  • Students in special populations, including students with disabilities, English language learners, students on an Advanced Learning Plan and other specialized needs, will have the opportunity for in-person/virtual instruction and additional support.

  • Teacher Office Hours: Teachers at all levels will have office hours where students can reach them for additional support via platforms such as Google Meet and Zoom. 

  • Teacher Planning: As always, teachers will use Wednesday afternoon early release time for professional learning and collaborative planning.

Student Portal Access

Elementary Schedule


Here are important presentations and links to help you be successful with our Remote Learning platforms.

FLVS Elementary Support Guide

How to log into Student Account

Using Zoom

Additional Resources to supplement learning boards:

Scholastic Learn at Home Activities

Prodigy- sign in with Google