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Third graders will explore topics using the learning cycle  approach, which involves an exploration phase, invention phase,  and application phase. Students are expected to ask questions,  develop and use models, plan and carry out investigations, and analyze and interpret data. Third graders will also engage in  discussions based on evidence as well as obtain, evaluate and  communicate information.  These approaches result in better content achievement, improved  thinking skills and more positive attitudes toward science for all  students.  The following units are covered in third grade:
  • States of Matter

A study of how matter can change from one state to another (solid, liquid, gas) through adding or removing  heat energy.

  •  Life Cycles

A study of the similarities and variation across the life cycles of organisms.

  • Erosion of Earth's Materials

               A study of how rocks and soil (Earth’s surface material) can be broken down through the processes of weathering and erosion.


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