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Sports, Clubs & Events with Mr. Hood

Our students at Glacier Peak have an opportunity to participate in many special events that are related to sports and activity, each year including:

1. Annual Fun Run (called the Glacier Peak Sneak) - entire school  (

2. Adams 12 District Cross Country Meet - select students in 4th & 5th  (

3. Taekwondo Classes - entire school 

4. Kids Heart Challenge (formally called Jump Rope for Heart) - entire school  (

5. Sports Club - 4th & 5th Grade

6. Running Club - 3rd-5th (fall), K-2 (spring)

7. Lions Club Relays - select students in 2nd-5th  (

8. Field Day - entire school  (

9. Bicycle Rodeo - entire school - Coming in the future!   

We have also been fortunate to have some one-of-a-kind opportunities for the kids at our school!  See them on the Golf Channel after PGA's "Golf in Schools" came to Glacier Peak!

A complete schedule of our events for 2019-20 is attached below.

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PDF icon Sports Events _ Clubs - 2019-2020 .pdf64.14 KB09/10/2019