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Snow Way Out - Glacier Peak Choir's Winter Musical

  • Ann Roberts; Valerie Langston Brettillo

  • Description: "Snow Way Out!" is the Glacier Peak Choir's winter musical available to students in 3rd through 5th grade. This fun-filled musical is a heartwarming tale of anticipation and joy that the Frostbites and guests at the “Winter Wonderland’s” resort experience while awaiting snow’s arrival.

  • End Time: 3:30 pm

  • Students Invited: 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade

  • Day: Monday, Wednesday

  • Activity Dates: September 27th, October 2nd, October 4th, October 9th, October 11th, October 23rd, October 25th, October 30th, November 1st, November 6th, November 8th, November 13th, November 15th, November 27th, November 29th, December 6th, December 11th, December 12th, December 13th, December 14th.

  • Fees: $20 (T-shirts & Horizon HS “White Christmas” Field Trip)